Nontechnical use of technical terms

Nontechnical use of technical terms Technical terms are becoming more and more frequent in medical research reports, especially terms developed for use in randomised trials. Without methodological insights, it is becoming increasingly harder to distinguish between observational and experimental studies (1). Parts of this usage probably reflect spin but not all. For example, terms such… Continue reading Nontechnical use of technical terms


Associations Two variables are associated, statistically dependent, if one of the variables says something about the other, and this can range from nothing to everything. Correlated variables are always dependent, but dependent variables are not necessarily correlated because correlation refers to linear relationships. It is, for example, easy to show that the two mathematically coupled… Continue reading Associations


Terminology In order to communicate without misunderstandings, it is important to realise that in contrast to spoken language, a combination of words; gestures; facial expressions; and with possibilities for immediate questioning and correcting, written language relies entirely on usage of the right words and compliance with the grammatical rules for combining these into understandable sentences… Continue reading Terminology