Ranstam Review DataBase (RR.db)

Templates for phenomenon "parameters"

  1. The results are presented in terms of odds ratios. Can these be interpreted in terms of relative risk? Or would such an interpretation be misleading (see Davies HTO. When can odds ratios mislead? BMJ 1998;316:989). In the latter case, I recommend converting the odds ratio to the corresponding relative risk (see Zhang J, Yu KF. What’s the Relative Risk? A Method of Correcting the Odds Ratio in Cohort Studies of Common Outcomes. JAMA 1998;280:1690-1691) or using a statistical method that provides direct estimates of the relative risk (see e.g. McNutt L-A, Wu C, Xue X, Hafner JP. Estimating the Relative Risk in Cohort Studies and Clinical Trials of Common Outcomes. Am J Epidemiol 2003;157:940–943).